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If you have found the process of relocating to the United States to be frustrating, complicated and annoying, you are not alone.

Most people who are faced with filling out unfamiliar and confusing forms and standing in line in a government office building feel the same way. The United States is the land of opportunity but immigration Law can often present obstacles to newcomers that seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way.

My name is Mark Fried and I am an Immigration Attorney. I want to help you realize your own version of the American Dream. Please click on the box below that best represents your current situation.

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Practice Areas

Mark Fried specializes in immigration law services and business owner services.

Family Immigration

The United States Government has over 35 options for people who want to apply to legally enter the country. If you want to know which of those options is right for you, call my office today.

Employment Immigration

Nonimmigrant and immigrant visas enable people to work for themselves or for an employer. We help our clients select the appropriate visa for their situation.

Investor Immigration

There are several opportunities available for foreign nationals who would like to apply for permanent resident status in the United States. If you would like to explore some of these options call my office today to schedule a consultation.

Business Owner Services

Business owners face a number of important decisions during the formation of a business. If you own a business or are thinking of purchasing a business or property, call my office today for a consultation.

We're here to help you realize your version of the American Dream